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0402B221K101NT Datasheet

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
0402B221K101NT High Capacitance Chip X7R & X5R ETC
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A range of High Capacitance value BME MLC chip capacitors, in stable Class II dielectrics X7R & X5R, with a spread of capacitance values offered up to 100µF. Comparable circuit designs can be achieved at typically a third to a fifth of the capacitance values because of the low ESR characteristics these parts exhibit. As a consequence they are also ideal to replace Tantalum and Low ESR Electrolytic Capacitors without polarity concerns. They find application as power supply bypass capacitors, smoothing capacitors, input/output filters in DC-DC Converters and in digital circuits and LCD modules. Parts are RoHS Compliant and suitable for reflow soldering process.

● For dielectric characteristics see page 44.
● Nickel Barrier terminations with tin, tin/lead or gold flash
● Capacitance tolerances available: ±10%, ±20%
● Available with high reliability screening. Contact sales office for details

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