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1384 Datasheet

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The 1384 Series AM/FM Tuner Modules are high-end custom and semi-custom products specifically designed to meet the demanding performance, market, and pricing targets of automotive customers. The 1384 Series AM/FM Tuners combine the low system integration effort of a standard “plug and play” module with outstanding features and absolute high-end performance.

• Up/down conversion
• Excellent sensitivity
• Superior selectivity due to highly sophisticated filter technology
• Noise blanker at second IF
• High AGC dynamic range
• AM Stereo output available
• AGC-threshold programmable

• Double down-conversion
• Selective prefilter circuit
• Image reject mixers
• Keyed AGC selectable, AGC-threshold programmable
• Dynamic threshold extension for superior sensitivity selectable
• Outstanding selectivity due to fixed and variable IF filters with hardware “closed-loop” control
• Supports inaudible RDS updating
• Weather band optional

• Available for US, European, and Japanese markets
• I2C bus controlled
• Very fast PLL
• On-board EEPROM supports digital alignment for AM and FM
• IF Counter information available via I2C bus
• Programmable switching output (open collector)

• High-end car radios

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