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The DS2762 high-precision Li+ battery monitor is a data-acquisition, information-storage, and safety protection device tailored for cost-sensitive battery pack applications. This low-power device integrates precise temperature, voltage, and current measurement, nonvolatile (NV) data storage, and Li+ protection into the small footprint of either a TSSOP package or flip-chip package. The DS2762 is a key component in applications including remaining capacity estimation, safety monitoring, and battery specific data storage.

Li+ Safety Circuit
  Overvoltage Protection
  Overcurrent/Short-Circuit Protection
  Undervoltage Protection
Host Alerted When Accumulated Current or Temperature Exceeds User-Selectable Limits
0V Battery Recovery Charge
Available in Two Configurations:
  Internal 25mSense Resistor
  External User-Selectable Sense Resistor
Current Measurement
  12-Bit Bidirectional Measurement
  Internal Sense Resistor Configuration: 0.625mA LSB and ±1.9A Dynamic Range
  External Sense Resistor Configuration: 15.625V LSB and ±64mV Dynamic Range
Current Accumulation:
  Internal Sense Resistor: 0.25mAhr LSB
  External Sense Resistor: 6.25Vhr LSB
Voltage Measurement with 4.88mV Resolution
Temperature Measurement Using Integrated Sensor with 0.125°C Resolution
System Power Management and Control Feature Support
32 Bytes of Lockable EEPROM
16 Bytes of General-Purpose SRAM
Dallas 1-Wire® Interface with Unique 64-Bit Device Address
Low-Power Consumption:
  Active Current: 60A typ, 90A max
  Sleep Current: 1A typ, 2A max

Cell Phones/Smartphones
Digital Cameras

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