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28F160B3 Datasheet

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This preliminary datasheet contains the specifications for the Advanced Boot Block flash memory family, which is optimized for low power, portable systems. This family of products features 1.8V–2.2V or 2.7V–3.6V I/Os and a low VCC/VPP operating range of 2.7V–3.6V for read and program/erase operations. In addition this family is capable of fast programming at 12V. Throughout this document, the term “2.7V” refers to the full voltage range 2.7V–3.6V (except where noted otherwise) and “VPP = 12V” refers to 12V ±5%. Section 1 and 2 provides an overview of the flash memory family including applications, pinouts and pin descriptions. Section 3 describes the memory organization and operation for these products. Finally, Sections 4, 5, 6 and 7 contain the operating specifications.

■ Flexible SmartVoltage Technology
    - 2.7V–3.6V Program/Erase
    - 2.7V–3.6V Read Operation
    - 12V VPP Fast Production Programming
■ 2.7V or 1.8V I/O Option
    - Reduces Overall System Power
■ Optimized Block Sizes
    - Eight 4-KW Blocks for Data, Top or Bottom Locations
    - Up to Thirty-One 32-KW Blocks for Code
■ High Performance
    - 2.7V–3.6V: 120 ns Max Access Time
■ Block Locking
    - VCC-Level Control through WP#
■ Low Power Consumption
    - 20 mA Maximum Read Current
■ Absolute Hardware-Protection
    - VPP = GND Option
    - VCC Lockout Voltage
■ Extended Temperature Operation
    - –40°C to +85°C
■ Supports Code Plus Data Storage
    - Optimized for FDI, Flash Data Integrator Software
    - Fast Program Suspend Capability
    - Fast Erase Suspend Capability
■ Extended Cycling Capability
    - 10,000 Block Erase Cycles
■ Automated Word Program and Block Erase
    - Command User Interface
    - Status Registers
■ SRAM-Compatible Write Interface
■ Automatic Power Savings Feature
■ Reset/Deep Power-Down
    - 1 µA ICCTypical
    - Spurious Write Lockout
■ Standard Surface Mount Packaging
    - 48-Ball µBGA* Package
    - 48-Lead TSOP Package
■ Footprint Upgradeable
    - Upgradeable from 2-, 4- and 8-Mbit Boot Block
■ ETOX™ V (0.4 µ) Flash Technology


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