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704-15K36T Datasheet

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
704-15K36T 15,000 Watt TVS Module Semtech
Semtech Corporation Semtech
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The 704-15K36 & 704-15K36T series of transient voltage suppression modules are for use primarily in avionics equipment. This series meets all applicable enviromental requirements of MIL-S-19500. The subassemblies are metallurgically bonded and packaged in a hermetically sealed package. The hermetically sealed package provides high reliability in harsh environmental conditions. In addition, the subassemblies can be 100% TX screened per MIL-S-19500/516 or /507. Although this series has been designed for 28 voltt aircraft applications, different voltages may be special ordered for specific applications.

• 15,000 watts Peak Pulse Power (tp = 10 x 1000µs)
• 28 Volt power supply protection
• For use in airborne equipment
• Unidirectional
• Custom voltages available from factory.


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