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AD7304BRZ-REEL Datasheet

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
AD7304BRZ-REEL +3V/+5V, Rail-to-Rail Quad, 8-Bit DAC Serial-IN ADI
Analog Devices ADI
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The AD7304/AD73051 are quad, 8-bit DACs that operate from a single +3 V to +5 V supply, or ±5 V supplies. The AD7304 has a serial interface, while the AD7305 has a parallel interface.
    Four 8-bit DACs in one package
    +3 V, +5 V, and ±5 V operation
    Rail-to-rail REF input to voltage output swing
    2.6 MHz reference multiplying bandwidth
    Internal power-on reset
    SPI serial interface-compatible—AD7304
    Fast parallel interface—AD7305
    40 µA power shutdown
    Automotive output span voltage
    Instrumentation, digitally controlled calibration
    Pin-compatible AD7226 replacement when VDD < 5.5 V


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