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AD8042-2006 Datasheet

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
AD8042 Dual 160 MHz Rail-to-Rail Amplifier ADI
Analog Devices ADI
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The AD8042 is a low power voltage feedback, high speed amplifier designed to operate on +3 V, +5 V, or ±5 V supplies. It has true single-supply capability with an input voltage range extending 200 mV below the negative rail and within 1 V of the positive rail.
    Single AD8041 and quad AD8044 also available
    Fully specified at +3 V, +5 V, and ±5 V supplies
    Output swings to within 30 mV of either rail
    Input voltage range extends 200 mV below ground
    No phase reversal with inputs 0.5 V beyond supplies
    Low power of 5.2 mA per amplifier
    High speed and fast settling on 5 V
        160 MHz, −3 dB bandwidth (G = +1)
        200 V/μs slew rate
        39 ns settling time to 0.1%
    Good video specifications (RL = 150 Ω, G = +2)
        Gain flatness of 0.1 dB to 14 MHz
        0.02% differential gain error
        0.04° differential phase error
    Low distortion: −64 dBc worst harmonic @ 10 MHz
    Drives 50 mA 0.5 V from supply rails
    Video switchers
    Distribution amplifiers
    Analog-to-digital drivers
    Professional cameras
    CCD Imaging systems
    Ultrasound equipment (multichannel)

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