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AP105-DF20-2830S Datasheet

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
AP105-DF20-2830S 1 mm Pitch Double Rows Low Profile Board-to-Cable Connectors Hirose
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1. Contact Pitch
   1 mm contact pitch allows reliable solder and cable termination.
2. Low profile
   Total mating height above the board is 5.8 mm for the straight type and 5.5 mm for the right angle type.
3. Reliable electrical connection wipe
   Effective electrical connection is assured with a 1mm wipe of mating contacts.
4. Narrower external width and length
   Redesigned metal fittings decreased the overall length of the board- mount receptacle and permit end-to-end mounting of several connectors.
5. Automatic equipment board placement
   Straight type pin headers are supplied with a 5.4 mm X 4.6mm flat platform to allow vacuum pick-up and placement on the board.
6. Product variations
   (1) Available with 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 contacts.
   (2) Pin headers are available in two types: with or without board positioning bosses.
   (3) Depending on specific application pin headers can be ordered in straight or right angle types.

Notebook PC, small office automation equipment, small consumer devices, portable devices.
Any application requiring low profile reliable board-to-cable connection with a AWG #28, AWG#30, AWG#32 conductors.

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