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AQW454 Datasheet

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
AQW454 HE (High-function Economy) Type [2-Channel (Form B) Type] PhotoMOS RELAYS Nais
Matsushita Electric Works 
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AQW454 image

1. Compact 8-pin DIP size
    The device comes in a compact (W) 6.4×(L) 9.78×(H) 3.9 mm (W) .252×(L) .385×(H) .154 inch , 8-pin DIP size (through hole terminal type).
2. Applicable for 2 Form B use as well  as two independent 1 Form B use.
3. Controls low-level analog signals
    PhotoMOS relays feature extremely low  closed-circuit offset voltage to enable  control of low-level analog signals without  distortion.
4. High sensitivity, low ON resistance
    Can control a maximum 0.16 A (AQW454)  load current with a 5 mA input current.  Low ON resistance of 16 Ω (AQW454).  Stable operation because there are no  metallic contact parts.
5. Low-level off state leakage current
    The SSR has an off state leakage current  of several miliamperes, whereas the PhotoMOS relay has only 100 pA even with  the rated load voltage of 400 V (AQW454).
6. Low thermal electromotive force  (Approx. 1 µV)

• Security equipment
• High-speed inspection machine
• Measuring equipment
• Telecommunication equipment
• Sensors


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