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B140NF55 Datasheet

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B140NF55 N-channel 55V - 0.0065Ω- 80A - D²2PAK - I²PAK - TO-220 STripFET™ II Power MOSFET ST-Microelectronics
STMicroelectronics ST-Microelectronics
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This Power MOSFET is the latest development of STMicroelectronics unique “Single Feature Size™” strip-based process. The resulting transistor shows extremely high packing density for low on-resistance, rugged avalance characteristics and less critical alignment steps therefore a remarkable manufacturing

General features
Type                                            VDSS  RDS(on)   ID(1)
STB140NF55                                  55V   <0.008Ω   80A
STB140NF55-1                               55V   <0.008Ω   80A
STP140NF55                                  55V   <0.008Ω   80A
1. Current limited by package

■ Motor control
■ High current, switching application

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