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BD9486F Datasheet

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
BD9486F 1ch Boost up type White LED Driver for large LCD ROHM
ROHM Semiconductor ROHM
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BD9486F image

General Description
BD9486F is a high efficiency driver for white LEDs and is designed for large LCDs. BD9486F has a boost DCDC converter that employs an array of LEDs as the light source.
BD9486F has some protect functions against fault conditions, such as over-voltage protection (OVP), over current limit protection of DCDC (OCP), LED OCP protection, and Over boost protection (FBMAX). Therefore it is available for the fail-safe design over a wide range output voltage.

■ DCDC converter with current mode
■ VOUT discharge function at shutdown
■ LED protection circuit (Over boost protection, LED OCP protection)
■ Over-voltage protection (OVP) for the output voltage Vout
■ Adjustable soft start
■ Adjustable oscillation frequency of DCDC
■ Wide range of analog dimming 0.2V to 3.0V
■ UVLO detection for the input voltage of the power stage

■ TV, Computer Display, LCD Backlighting



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