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BR9010 Datasheet

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
BR9010 1, 2, and 4k bit EEPROMs for direct connection to serial ports ROHM
ROHM Semiconductor ROHM
Other PDF  not available.
BR9010FV image

• Overview
The BR90 series are serial EEPROMs that can be connected directly to a serial port and can be erased and written electrically. Writing and reading is performed in word units, using four types of operation commands. Communication occurs through CS, SK, DI, and DO pins, WC pin control is used to initiate a write disabled state, enabling these EEPROMs to be used as one-time ROMs. During writing, operation is checked via the internal status check.

• Features
• BR9010 / F / FV (1k bit): 64 words × 16 bits
   BR9020 / F (2k bit): 128 words × 16 bits
   BR9040 / F (4k bit): 256 words × 16 bits
• Single power supply operation
• Serial data input and output
• Automatic erase-before-write
• Low current consumption
   –1.5mA (max.) active current: 3V
   –2µA (max.) standby current: 3V
• Noise filter built into SK pin
• Compact DIP8, SOP8, SSOP-B8 packages (SSOP
   B8 is available only with BR9010).
• 100,000 ERASE / WRITE cycles
• 10 years Data Retention
• Easily connects to serial port

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