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BT8110EPJ Datasheet

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
BT8110EPJ High-Capacity ADPCM Processor Conexant
Conexant Systems Conexant
Other PDF  not available.
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This specification describes the Bt8110 and Bt8110B multichannel ADPCM processor CMOS integrated circuits that implement Adaptive Differential Pulse-Code Modulation (ADPCM) encoding and decoding. The fixed-rate coding algorithms include those specified in ANSI Standard T1.303-1989. These algorithms are identical to those in ITU-T Recommendations G.726 and G.727. These circuits also implement the variable-rate or embedded codes specified in ANSI Standard T1.310-1991 and ITU-T Recommendation G.727.

Distinguishing Features
• Bt8110B offers internal ROM
• 24 or 32 full-duplex channel capacity (48 or 64 channels with two processors)
• 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-bit quantization dynamically selectable on a channel-by-channel, frame-by-frame basis
• Transparent channel operation
• Two control modes available: microprocessor and hardware.
• Direct framer interface for both T1 and E1 signal formats
• Supports the optimal RESET function described in the algorithm standards
• Supports even-bit inversion of A-law inputs and outputs (required by ITU-T Recommendations G.726, and G.727)
• Minimum throughput delay
• Pin compatible with Bt8110
• 8 mw per-channel, low-power CMOS

• T1/E1 Transcoders
• T1/E1 Multiplexers
• Personal Communications Systems: Digital European Cordless Telecommunications (DECT), Personal Access Communications System (PACS)
• Wireless Local Loop
• Voice PairGain
• DCME Systems
• Speech Processing/Recording
• Voice Mail/Packetization
• Voice over ATM/Frame Relay


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