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CH2165 Datasheet

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Direct machine-to-machine interaction represents the next logical extension of the internet. Cermetek internet modem (iModem) products are designed to exploit the internet to facilitate the utilization of machine-to-machine interactions. Using email, information can easily be transferred between systems and can be transmitted/retrieved at will. Internet email provides low cost, near real time multi-path communication.

• Replaces conventional modems using the world wide web for communication.
• Transparent internet operations of Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP), Password Authentication Protocol (PAP) and Challenge Authentication Protocol (CHAP) to connect to the Internet.
• Built-in TCP/IP and SMTP to send emails, TCP/IP and POP3 to retrieve and/or delete emails.
• On Demand and I/O pin event driven email transmission and retrieval.
• Send/Retrieve streaming email of unlimited length; or pre-stored email up to 5M bytes in RAM (CH2165).
• Retrieve multiple messages (CH2165) or select individual message (CH2124/60).
• Once online CH2165 can stay online and send, retrieve and/or delete email.
• Programmable using serial interface (CH2124/60/65).
• Remote programming using PSTN (CH2124/60).
• Resident modem supports: V.90, V.34bis, V.34, V.22bis, V.22A/B V.23, V.21, Bell 212A and 103, (depending on model) and can be used in conventional modem mode.
• Error correcting: V.42 LAPM, MNP 2-4 and MNP10.
• Automatic baud rate adaptability utilizing speed sensing, flow control and data buffers.
• Serial interface, V.24 (EIA 232-E), 5 volts.
• NVRAM for stored modem (S-Registers) profiles.
• Cermetek @T® AT-like Commands.
• Built-in DAA with 1500 VAC RMS isolation 2122V peak surge protection.
• UL 1950 and CSA C22.2 950 (Third Edition) Listed, reference UL File E104957.
• FCC Part 68 Approved/DOT CSA CS-03 Part I approvable.
• Pin-for-Pin compatible family.
• +5 Volt operation.
• Small size: 1.35” x 1.97” x 0.55” (nominal).
• Low Cost 2400bps version (CH2124).
• Use with any Non-proprietary commercial or private ISP.
• Cermetek’s iModem Network ISP has 1000s of local access numbers world wide.
• Failsafe back up 1-800 access number, auxiliary and alternative telephone numbers available.
• Low cost iModem Network ISP providing email to Voice, Fax, and email re-routing services.
• 90 day free trial subscription to iModem Network ISP provided with each iModem.


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