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CS98100 Datasheet

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
CS98100 DVD Processor for Low Cost DVD Players Cirrus-Logic
Cirrus Logic Cirrus-Logic
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Building on innovative, market-leading technology, Cirrus Logic presents the most complete DVD processor solution available: CS98100. The CS98100 provides the high performance typical of Cirrus Logic integrated circuits, and on-chip integration that allows for seamless integra tion of functions. Among the integrated functions in this system-on-chip architecture is a high quality NTSC/PAL encoder with a triple 10-bit video DAC, allowing for a significant decrease in system cost.

32-Bit RISC Processor, supported by RTOS, C/C++ compilers
32-bit DSP capable of AC-3, MPEG, DTS, MP3, and WMA
Progressive Scan (480p) with 3:2 pull down support or Interlaced (PAL/NTSC) video encoding, both modes with Macrovision encoding, via three 10-bit Video DACs
Serial DVD data interface for direct connection to low cost (track buffer-less) DVD loader
Flexible interface connects ATAPI, local bus or microcontroller-less DVD loaders without external logic
MPEG decoder supports VCD, VCD 3.0, SVCD, DVD video standards
Advanced subpicture unit handles DVD and SVCD, and PAL<->NTSC scaling
High quality video scaling for zoom and NTSC/PAL conversion
4-bit multi-region OSD and special video effects
Simultaneous 8 channels PCM audio output and IEC-958.
2-Channel PCM audio input for high-end karaoke applications
Three serial control/status ports
Low-power, ~0.5 W power dissipation

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