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EL2140CS Datasheet

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
EL2140CS 150 MHz Differential Twisted Pair Driver ELANTE-ElectronicC
Elantec -> Intersil ELANTE-ElectronicC
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General Description
The EL2140C/2141C is a very high bandwidth amplifier whose output is in differential form, and is thus primarily targeted for applications such as driving twisted pair lines, or any application where common mode injection is likely to occur. The input signal can be in either single-ended or differential form, but the output is always in differential form.
On the EL2141C, two feedback inputs provide the user with the ability to set the device gain, (stable at minimum gain of two), whereas the EL2140C comes with a fixed gain of two.
The output common mode level is set by the reference pin (VREF), which has a -3 dB bandwidth of over 100 MHz. Generally, this pin is grounded, but it can be tied to any voltage reference.

• Fully differential inputs, outputs, and feedback
• Differential input range ±2.3V
• 150 MHz 3 dB bandwidth
• 800 V/ms slew rate
• -55 dB distortion at 3 MHz
• -75 dB distortion at 100 kHz
• ±5V supplies or a6V single supply
• 50 mA minimum output current
• Output swing (200Ω load) to within 1.5V of supplies
   (14V pk-pk differential)
• Low power-11 mA typical supply current

• Twisted pair driver
• Differential line driver
• VGA over twisted pair
• ADSL/HDSL driver
• Single ended to differential amplification
• Transmission of analog signals in a noisy environment

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