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EL2257CS Datasheet

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
EL2257CS 125 MHz Single Supply, Clamping Op Amps Elantec
Elantec -> Intersil Elantec
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General Description
The EL2257C/EL2357C are supply op amps. Prior single supply op amps have generally been limited to bandwidths and slew rates 1/4 that of the EL2257C/EL2357C. The 125 MHz bandwidth, 275 V/µs slew rate, and 0.05%/0.05° differential gain/differential phase makes this part ideal for single or dual supply video speed applications.

• Specified for +3V, +5V, or ± 5V Applications
• Power Down to 0 µA
• Output Voltage Clamp
• Large Input Common Mode Range 0V < VCM < VS - 1.2V
• Output Swings to Ground Without Saturating
• -3 dB Bandwidth = 125 MHz
• ± 0.1 dB Bandwidth = 30 MHz
• Low Supply Current = 5 mA
• Slew Rate = 275 V/µs
• Low Offset Voltage = 4 mV max
• Output Current = ±100 mA
• High Open Loop Gain = 80 dB
• Differential Gain = 0.05%
• Differential Phase = 0.05°

• Video Amplifier
• PCMCIA Applications
• A/D Driver
• Line Driver
• Portable Computers
• High Speed Communications
• RGB Printer, FAX, Scanner Applications
• Broadcast Equipment
• Active Filtering
• Multiplexing


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