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EL5127C Datasheet

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
EL5127C 2.5MHz 4-, 8-, 10- & 12-Channel Rail-to-Rail Buffers ELANTE-ElectronicC
Elantec -> Intersil ELANTE-ElectronicC
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General Description
The EL5127C, EL5227C, EL5327C, and EL5427C are low power, high voltage rail-to-rail input/output buffers designed for use in refer ence voltage buffering applications in small LCD displays. They are available in quad (EL5127C), octal (EL5227C), 10-channel (EL5327C), and 12-channel (EL5427C) topologies. All buffers feature a -3dB bandwidth of 2.5MHz and operate from just 120µA per buffer. This family also features a continuous output drive capability of 30mA (sink and source).

• 2.5MHz -3dB bandwidth
• Supply voltage = 4.5V to 16.5V
• Low supply current (per buffer) =120µA
• High slew rate = 1.5V/µs
• Rail-to-rail input/output swing
• Ultra-small packages

• TFT-LCD drive circuits
• Electronic games
• Touch-screen displays
• Personal communication devices
• Personal digital assistants (PDA)
• Portable instrumentation

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