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FAN4230 Datasheet

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The FAN4230 is a dual, low cost, high performance, voltage feedback amplifier that consumes only 2.5mA of supply current while providing ±130mA of output short circuit current. The FAN4230 is designed to operate from 2.5V to 12V (±6V) supplies. The common mode voltage range extends below the negative rail and the output provides rail to-rail performance.

Features at ±5V
• 2.5mA supply current per amplifier
• 358MHz bandwidth
• Output voltage range at RL = 150Ω: -4.9V to 4.81V
• Input includes negative rail
• 217V/µs slew rate
• ±130mA output short circuit current
• 12nV/√Hz input voltage noise
• Competes with AD8052 and LMH6643
• Package options (MSOP-8 and SOIC-8)
• Fully specified at +3V, +5V, and ±5V supplies

• A/D driver
• Active filters
• CCD imaging systems
• Coaxial cable drivers
• Portable/battery-powered applications
• Twisted pair driver
• Video driver

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