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G1-200P-85-1.6 Datasheet

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G1-200P-85-1.6 Geode™ GX1 Processor Series Low Power Integrated x86 Solution National-Semiconductor
National ->Texas Instruments National-Semiconductor
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General Description
The National Semiconductor® Geode™ GX1 processor series is a line of integrated processors specifically designed to power information appliances for entertainment, education, and business. Serving the needs of consumers and business professionals alike, it’s the perfect solution for IA (information appliance) applications such as thin clients, interactive set-top boxes, and personal  internet access devices.

General Features
— 352-Terminal Ball Grid Array (BGA) or
— 320-Pin Staggered Pin Grid Array (SPGA)
0.18-micron four layer metal CMOS process
Split rail design:
— Available 1.6V, 1.8V, or 2.0V core
— 3.3V I/O interface
Fully static design
Low Typical Power Consumption:
— 0.8W @ 1.6V/200 MHz
— 1.2W @ 2.0V/300 MHz
Note: Typical power consumption is defined as an average, measured running Windows at 80% Active Idle (Suspend-on-Halt) with a display resolution of 800x600x8 bpp @ 75 Hz.
Speeds offered up to 300 MHz
Unified Memory Architecture
— Frame buffer and video memory reside in main memory
— Minimizes PCB (Printed Circuit Board) area requirements
— Reduces system cost
Compatible with multiple Geode I/O companion devices provided by National Semiconductor

32-Bit x86 Processor
Supports Intel’s MMX instruction set extension for the acceleration of multimedia applications
16 KB unified L1 cache
Six-stage pipelined integer unit
Integrated Floating Point Unit (FPU)
Memory Management Unit (MMU) adheres to standard paging mechanisms and optimizes code fetch performance:
— Load-store reordering gives priority to memory reads
— Memory-read bypassing eliminates unnecessary or redundant memory reads
Re-entrant System Management Mode (SMM) enhanced for VSA technology

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