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G1201 Datasheet

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
G1201 Rail-to-Rail I/O, 100mA Output Single-Supply Amplifiers GMT
Global Mixed-mode Technology Inc GMT
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General Description
The G1201 is dual rail-to-rail input and output single-supply amplifiers featuring 100mA output drive current. This high output current makes these amplifiers excellent for driving either resistive or capacitive loads. AC performance is very good with 3.5MHz bandwidth, 6.2V/µs-slew rate and low distortion. All are guaranteed to operate from a +3 volt single supply as well as a +5 volt supply.
The very low input bias currents enable the G1201 to be used for integrators and diode amplification and other applications requiring low input bias current. Allowing low current applications to control high current loads.
Applications include audio amplification for computers, sound ports, sound cards and set-top boxes. The G1201 is very stable and capable of driving heavy capacitive loads.
The ability to swing rail-to-rail at the inputs and outputs enables designers to buffer CMOS ADC/DACs, ASICs or other wide output swing devices in single-supply systems.

■ Single-Supply Operation: 2.2 Volts to 6 Volts
■ High Output Current: ±100mA
■ Wide Bandwidth: 3.5 MHz
■ Slew Rate: 6.2 V/µs
■ No Phase Reversal
■ Unity Gain Stable
■ Rail-to-Rail Input and Output

■ Multimedia Audio
■ LCD Driver
■ ASIC Input or Output Amplifier
■ Headphone Driver

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