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GA1085 Datasheet

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
GA1085 11-Output Configurable Clock Buffer TriQuint
TriQuint Semiconductor TriQuint
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GA1085MC1000 image

TriQuint’s GA1085 is a configurable clock buffer which generates 11 outputs and operates over a wide range of frequencies—from 24 MHz to 105 MHz.

• Wide frequency range: 24 MHz to 105 MHz
• Output configurations:
    Four outputs at fREF
    Four outputs at fREF /2
    Two outputs at fREF /2 with adjustable phase or
    Five outputs at 2x fREF
    Three outputs at fREF
    Two outputs at fREF with adjustable phase
• Selectable Phase Shift: –2t, –t, +t, and +2t (t = 1/fVCO)
• Low output-to-output skew: 150 ps (max) within a group
• Near-zero propagation delay: –350 ps +1000 ps (max)
• TTL-compatible with 30 mA output drive
• 28-pin J-lead surface-mount package


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