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GS84118AT-150I Datasheet

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
GS84118AT-150I 256K x 18 Sync Cache Tag GSI
Giga Semiconductor GSI
Other PDF  not available.
GS84118AT-150I image

Functional Description
The GS84118A is a 256K x 18 high performance synchronous SRAM with integrated Tag RAM comparator. A 2-bit burst counter is included to provide burst interface with PentiumTM and other high performance CPUs.

• 3.3 V +10%/–5% core power supply
• 2.5 V or 3.3 V I/O supply
• Intergrated data comparator for Tag RAM application
• FT mode pin for flow through or pipeline operation
• LBO pin for Linear or Interleave (PentiumTM and X86) Burst mode
• Synchronous address, data I/O, and control inputs
• Synchronous Data Enable (DE)
• Asynchronous Output Enable (OE)
• Asynchronous Match Output Enable (MOE)
• Byte Write (BWE) and Global Write (GW) operation
• Three chip enable signals for easy depth expansion
• Internal self-timed write cycle
• JTAG Test mode conforms to IEEE standard 1149.1
• JEDEC-standard 100-lead TQFP and 119-BGA packages
• Pb-Free 100-lead TQFP package available


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