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IT1 Datasheet

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
IT1 High Speed, Matched-Impedance, Parallel Board-to-board Connector Hirose
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IT1 Series Outline
High-speed matched-impedance parallel board-to-board connector designed for applications requiring board-to board spacing with transmission speeds exceeding 1GHz. The connection system has matched impedance of 50 ohm or can be customized. Contacts are on 0.5mm pitch.

■ Features
1. Impedance Matching using a 4-Layer Board
   The innovative transmission module uses PC boards with a strip line design of transmission lines, providing matched impedance of 50 ohms, for standard product.
2. Supports Multiple Connectors per board
   Designed with a tolerance of +/- 0.2mm for both the X and Y-axis. The three-piece structure and the +/- 0.2mm tolerance allows 3 or more IT1’s to be mounted on a single board.
3. Customized Board-to-Board Distance
   Board-to-board distance can be customized, from 16mm to 40mm.
   Ground lines or additional traces can be added to support high level, high speed transmission or mixed power/signal applications.
4. Signal to Ground Ratio
   The standard signal-to-ground ratio is 10:2, which makes reliable matching of the characteristic impedance of each transmission line. This ratio also can be customized.
5. Contact Reliability
   Use of double contact points on each of the contacts assures highly reliable performance.
■ Applications
  Routers, servers, base stations and other telecommunication equipment.


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