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LF48212 Datasheet

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
LF48212 12 x 12-bit Alpha Mixer Logic-Devices
LOGIC Devices Logic-Devices
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LF48212 image

The LF48212 is a high-speed video alpha mixer capable of mixing video signals at real-time video rates. It takes two 12-bit video signals and mixes them together using an alpha mix factor. Alpha determines the weighting that each video signal receives during the mix operation.

❑ 50 MHz Data and Computation Rate
❑ Two’s Complement or Unsigned Operands
❑ On-board Programmable Delay Stages
❑ Programmable Output Rounding
❑ Replaces Harris HSP48212
❑ Package Styles Available:
    • 68-pin PLCC, J-Lead
    • 64-pin PQFP


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