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LG1600KXH Datasheet

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
LG1600KXH Clock and Data Regenerator Agere
Agere -> LSI Corporation Agere
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Functional Description
The LG1600KXH Clock and Data Regenerator (CDR) is a compact, single device solution to clock recovery and data retiming in high-speed communication systems such as fiber-optic data links and long-span fiberoptic regenerators and terminals. Using frequency and phase-lock loop (FPLL) techniques, the device regenerates clean clock and error-free data signals from a nonreturn-to-zero (NRZ) data input, corrupted by jitter and intersymbol interference. The LG1600KXH exceeds ITU-T/Bellcore jitter tolerance requirements for SONET/SDH systems.

■ Integrated clock recovery and data retiming
■ Surface-mount package
■ Single ECL supply
■ Robust FPLL design
■ Operation up to BER = 1e–3
■ SONET/SDH compatible loss of signal alarm
■ High effective Q allows long run lengths
■ Jitter tolerance exceeding ITU-T/Bellcore
■ Low clock jitter generation: <0.005 UI
■ Standard and custom data rates 0.50 Gbits/s—5.5 Gbits/s
■ Complementary 50 Ω I/Os

■ SONET/SDH receiver terminals and regenerators OC-12 through OC-96/STM-4 through STM-32
■ SONET/SDH test equipment
■ Proprietary bit rate systems
■ Digital video transmission
■ Clock doublers and quadruplers


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