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LM7341 Datasheet

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LM7341 Rail-to-Rail Input/Output ±15V, 4.6 MHz GBW, Operational Amplifier in SOT-23 Package National-Semiconductor
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General Description
The LM7341 is a rail-to-rail input and output amplifier in a small SOT-23 package with a wide supply voltage and temperature range. The LM7341 has a 4.6 MHz gain bandwidth and a 1.9 volt per microsecond slew rate, and draws 0.75 mA of supply current at no load.
The LM7341 is tested at −40°C, 125°C and 25°C with modern automatic test equipment. Detailed performance specifications at 2.7V, ±5V, and ±15V and over a wide temperature range make the LM7341 a good choice for automotive, industrial, and other demanding applications.

(VS = ±15V, TA = 25°C, typical values.)
■ Tiny 5-pin SOT-23 package saves space
■ Greater than rail-to-rail input CMVR −15.3V to 15.3V
■ Rail-to-rail output swing −14.84V to 14.86V
■ Supply current 0.7 mA
■ Gain bandwidth 4.6 MHz
■ Slew Rate 1.9 V/µs
■ Wide supply range 2.7V to 32V
■ High power supply rejection ratio 106 dB
■ High common mode rejection ratio 115 dB
■ Excellent gain 106 dB
■ Temperature range −40°C to 125°C
■ Tested at −40°C, 125°C and 25°C at 2.7V, ±5V and ±15V

■ Automotive
■ Industrial robotics
■ Sensor output buffers
■ Multiple voltage power supplies
■ Reverse biasing of photodiodes
■ Low current optocouplers
■ High side sensing
■ Comparator
■ Battery chargers
■ Test point output buffers
■ Below ground current sensing

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