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LP097X02-SLQ1 Datasheet

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
LP097X02-SLQ1 Display Module (9.7" XGA TFT LCD) ETC
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General Description
The LP097X02 is a Color Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display with an integral LED backlight system. The matrix employs a-Si Thin Film Transistor as the active element. It is a transmissive type display operating in the normally Black mode. This TFT-LCD has 9.7 inches diagonally measured active display area with XGA resolution(1024 horizontal by 768 vertical pixel array). Each pixel is divided into Red, Green and Blue sub pixels or dots which are arranged in vertical stripes. Gray scale or the brightness of the sub-pixel color is determined with a 6-bit gray scale signal for each dot, thus, presenting a palette of more than 262,144 colors. The LP097X02 has been designed to apply the interface method that enables low power, high speed, low EMI.

General Features
• Active Screen Size 9.7 inches diagonal
• Outline Dimension 210.32(H) × 164.37 (V) × 2.88(D, Max.) mm ※ PCB area : 5.22(Max.)
• Pixel Pitch 0.192 mm × 0.192 mm
• Pixel Format 1024 horiz. by 768 vert. Pixels RGB strip arrangement
• Color Depth 6-bit, 262,144 colors
• Luminance, White 400 cd/m2(Typ., @ILED=20mA)
• Power Consumption Logic : 0.7W(typ.@Mosaic), Back Light : 2.1W (typ.@ ILED= 20mA)
• Weight 143g (Max.)
• Display Operating Mode Transmissive mode, normally Black
• Surface Treatment Glare, Anti-reflective treatment of the front polarizer, 2H


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