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MB39A108_03 Datasheet

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
MB39A108_03 5-Channel DC/DC Converter IC with Synchronous Rectification Fujitsu
Fujitsu Fujitsu
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Product Description
FUJITSU has been putting a great deal of effort into the development of ICs for power managements in high performance portable devices such as digital still cameras. Building on the technological foundation of eight predecessor series (MB3785A, MB3825A, MB3827, MB3881, MB3883, MB39A102, MB39A103, and MB39A110), the company has recently completed“MB39A108”, a 5-channel DC/DC converter IC with synchronous rectification. MB39A108 is optimal for multi power supply systems built-in high performance portable devices.
With the ongoing advancement of high functionality in portable devices, the demand for the miniaturization of built-in power supplies will continue to grow. This product is a 5-channel DC/DC converter IC with a synchronous rectification function based on the pulse width modulation type (PWM type). Up-conversion, down-conversion, and up/down conversion are all supported, and each of five channels built-in a TSSOP-38P package can be controlled and soft-started independently. A soft-start circuit and timer latch short-circuit detection circuit are also mounted to prevent inrush current at power start-up and overcurrent due to output short-circuits. These features make MB39A108 optimal for power supplies in high-performance portable devices such as digital still cameras.

Product Features
■ Supports down-conversion (synchronous rectification)
■ Supports down-conversion and up/down Zeta conversion
   (CH2 to CH3)
■ Supports up-conversion and up/down SEPIC conversion
   (CH4 to CH5)
■ Supports the synchronous rectification method
■ Lower starting voltage (CH4 to CH5) : 1.7V
■ Power supply voltage range: 2.5V to 11V
■ Reference voltage: 2.0V±1%
■ Error amplifier threshold voltage:
   1.0V±1% (CH1), 1.23V±1% (CH2 to CH5)
■ Oscillating frequency range: 200kHz to 2.0MHz
■ Standby current: 0μA (Typ.)
■ Built-in soft-start circuit without load dependency
■ Build-in totem-pole type output for MOS FET
■ Short-circuit detection from short-circuit input possible
   using external signal (-INS terminal)
■ Package: TSSOP-38P

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