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MCM32257B Datasheet

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
MCM32257B 256K x 32 Bit Fast Static RAM Module Motorola
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The MCM32257B is an 8M bit static random access memory module organized as 262,144 words of 32 bits. The module is a 64–lead zig–zag in–line package (ZIP) of eight MCM6229 fast static RAMs packaged in 28–lead SOJ packages and mounted on a printed circuit board along with eight decoupling capacitors.

• Single 5 V ± 10% Power Supply
• Fast Access Time: 15/20/25 ns
• Three–State Outputs
• Fully TTL Compatible
• JEDEC Standard Pinout
• Power Requirement: 960/880/840 mA Maximum, Active AC
• High Board Density ZIP Package
• Byte Operation: Four Separate Chip Enables, One for Each Byte (Eight Bits)
• High Quality Four–Layer FR4 PWB with Separate Internal Power and Ground Planes
• Incorporates Motorola’s State–of–the–Art Fast Static RAMs


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