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MIC5206-3.3YMM Datasheet

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
MIC5206-3.3YMM 150mA Low-Noise LDO Regulator Micrel
Micrel Micrel
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General Description
The MIC5206 is an efficient linear voltage regulator with very low dropout voltage (typically 17mV at light loads and 165mV at 150mA), and very low ground current (600µA at 100mA output), with better than 1% initial accuracy. It has a logic compatible enable/shutdown control input and an internal undervoltage monitor.
Designed especially for hand-held, battery-powered devices, the MIC5206 can be switched by a CMOS or TTL compatible logic signal. When disabled, power consumption drops nearly to zero. Dropout ground current is minimized to prolong battery life.
Key features include an undervoltage monitor with an error flag output, a reference bypass pin to improve its already low-noise performance (8-pin versions only), reversed battery protection, current limiting, and overtemperature shutdown.
The MIC5206 is available in several fixed voltages in a tiny SOT-23-5 package. It features a pinout, similar to the LP2980, but has significantly better performance. Fixed and adjustable output voltage versions, featuring the reference bypass option, are available in the 8-pin Micrel Mini 8™ 8-pin MSOP (micro small-outline package).
For low-dropout regulators that are stable with ceramic output capacitors, see the µCap MIC5245/6/7 family.
Data sheets and support documentation can be found on Micrel’s web site at www.micrel.com.

• Error flag indicates undervoltage fault
• High output voltage accuracy
• Guaranteed 150mA output
• Ultra-low-noise output (8-pin versions)
• Low quiescent current
• Low dropout voltage
• Extremely tight load and line regulation
• Very low temperature coefficient
• Current and thermal limiting
• Reversed-battery protection
• “Zero” off-mode current
• Logic-controlled electronic enable

• Cellular telephones
• Laptop, notebook, and palmtop computers
• Battery-powered equipment
• PCMCIA VCC and VPP regulation/switching
• Consumer/personal electronics
• SMPS post-regulator/dc-to-dc modules
• High-efficiency linear power supplies

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