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MIC5247-2.0BM5 Datasheet

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
MIC5247-2.0BM5 150mA Low-Voltage µCap Linear Regulator Micrel
Micrel Micrel
Other PDF  2000  
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General Description
The MIC5247 is an efficient and precise, low-voltage CMOS voltage regulator optimized for ultra-low noise applications. The MIC5247 offers better than 1% initial accuracy and 85µA constant ground current over load (typically 85µA). The MIC5247 provides a very low-noise output, ideal for RF applications where quiet voltage sources are required. A noise bypass pin is also available for further reduction of output noise.

• Ultra-low noise
• Low-voltage outputs
• Load independent, ultra-low ground current: 85µA
• 150mA output current
• Current limiting
• Thermal shutdown
• Tight load and line regulation
• “Zero” off-mode current
• Stability with low-ESR capacitors
• Fast transient response
• Logic-controlled enable input

• Cellular phones and pagers
• Cellular accessories
• Battery-powered equipment
• Laptop, notebook, and palmtop computers
• PCMCIA VCC and VPP regulation/switching
• Consumer/personal electronics
• SMPS post-regulator/DC-to-DC modules
• High-efficiency linear power supplies


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