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MSL3085 Datasheet

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
MSL3085 8-string White and RGB LED Driver with Adaptive Power Control, EEPROM, and I2C/SMBus Serial Interface Atmel
Atmel Corporation Atmel
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General Description
The Atmel LED Driver MSL3085 compact, high power 8 LED strings controller uses external MOSFETs to sink up to 350mA per string, with current accuracy and matching better than ±1.5%. The MSL3085 drives eight parallel strings of LEDs, and offers fault detection and management of open and short circuit LEDs.

Key Features
• 12-bit PWM String Dimming
• Fast, 1MHz I2C Serial Interface Supports up to Eight Devices per Bus
• 8-bit Adaptive Power Correction Maximizes Efficiency of up to Two String Power Supplies
• Multiple MSL3085s Share String Power Supplies and Automatically Negotiate the Optimum Supply Voltage
• External MOSFETs for high Voltage and/or Current
• Drives up to Eight Parallel LED Strings
• Supports Adaptive, Real-time Area Dimming for Highest Dynamic Range in LCD TVs and Monitors
• Programmable String Phase Reduces Motion Blur and Improves Efficiency
• Global Intensity Control via Serial Interface
• ±1.5% Current Accuracy and Current Balance
• Video Frame (VSYNC) and Line (HSYNC) Sync Inputs
• Sync Loss Detectors Optionally Disable LED Strings
• EEPROM Saves Power-on Default Settings
• LED Open Circuit and Short Circuit Fault Detection
• Individual Fault Detection Enable for Each String
• Over-temperature Shut-Off Protection
• Broadcast Write Simplifies Configuration
• -40°C To +105°C Operating Temperature Range

   Long Life, Efficient LED Backlighting for:
      • Televisions and Desktop Monitors
      • Medical and Industrial Instrumentation
      • Automotive Audio-visual Displays
   Channel Signs
   Architectural Lighting

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