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MXR7311GL Datasheet

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
MXR7311GL Low Cost, Low Noise ±2 g Dual Axis Accelerometer with Ratiometric Analog Outputs ETC
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The MXR7311GL is a low cost, dual axis accelerometer fabricated on a standard, submicron CMOS process. It is a complete sensing system with on-chip mixed signal processing. The MXR7311GL measures acceleration with a full-scale range of ±2 g and a sensitivity of 167mV/g @3V.

    Low cost
    Resolution better than 1 milli-g
    Dual axis accelerometer fabricated on a monolithic
    On chip mixed signal processing
    No moving parts; >50,000 g shock survival rating
    5mm X 5mm X 2mm LCC package
    2.7V to 5.25V single supply continuous operation
    Compensated for Sensitivity over temperature
    Ultra low initial Zero-g Offset
    No adjustment needed outside

    Tilt and motion sensing in cost-sensitive applications
    Smart handheld devices
    Computer security
    Input devices
    Pedometers and activity monitors
    Gaming controllers
    Toys and entertainment products


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