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PCA9564BS Datasheet

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
PCA9564BS Parallel bus to I2C-bus controller NXP
NXP Semiconductors. NXP
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The PCA9564 is an integrated circuit designed in CMOS technology that serves as an interface between most standard parallel-bus microcontrollers/microprocessors and the serial I2C-bus and allows the parallel bus system to communicate bi-directionally with the I2C-bus. The PCA9564 can operate as a master or a slave and can be a transmitter or receiver. Communication with the I2C-bus is carried out on a byte-wise basis using interrupt or polled handshake.
The PCA9564 controls all the I2C-bus specific sequences, protocol, arbitration and timing with no external timing element required.

• Parallel-bus to I2C-bus protocol converter and interface
• Both master and slave functions
• Multi-master capability
• Internal oscillator reduces external components
• Operating supply voltage 2.3 V to 3.6 V
• 5 V tolerant I/Os
• Standard and fast mode I2C capable and compatible with SMBus
• ESD protection exceeds 2000 V HEM per JESD22-A114, 200 V MM per JESD22-A115, and 1000 V CDM per JESD22-C101
• Latch-up testing is done to JEDEC Standard JESD78 which exceed 100 mA.
• Packages offered: DIP20, SO20, TSSOP20, HVQFN20

• Add I2C-bus port to controllers/processors that do not have one
• Add additional I2C-bus ports to controllers/processors that need multiple I2C-bus ports
• Higher frequency, lower voltage migration path for the PCF8584
• Converts 8 bits of parallel data to serial data stream to prevent having to run a large number of traces across the entire PC board

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