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PD-5105-N Datasheet

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PD-5105-N 1.55 μm WDM PIN PHOTODIODES Optoway
Optoway Technology Optoway
PD-5100 image

PD-5100 series Photodiode are suited to receive the light at the wavelength 1550 nm. With high reliability and high isolation between 1310 nm and 1550 nm (at least 30 dB), PD-5100 series are the best choice for 1550 nm / 1310 nm WDM telecom and datacom application.

◇ High responsivity at 1550 nm
◇ High attenuation at 1310 nm
◇ Low dark current
◇ Quick pulse response
◇ Hermetically sealed 3-pin metal case
◇ Active diameter 75 μm

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