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PEEL18CV8T-7 Datasheet

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
PEEL18CV8T-7 CMOS Programmable Electrically Erasable Logic Device International-Cmos
International Cmos Technology 
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General Description
The PEEL18CV8 is a Programmable Electrically Erasable Logic (PEEL) device providing an attractive alternative to ordinary PLDs. The PEEL18CV8 offers the performance, flexibility, ease of design and production practicality needed by logic designers today.
The PEEL18CV8 is available in 20-pin DIP, PLCC, SOIC and TSSOP packages with speeds ranging from 5ns to 25ns with power consumption as low as 37mA. EE-Reprogrammability provides the convenience of instant reprogramming for development and reusable production inventory minimizing the impact of programming changes or errors. EE-Reprogrammability also improves factory testability, thus assuring the highest quality possible.
The PEEL18CV8 architecture allows it to replace over 20 standard 20-pin PLDs (PAL, GAL, EPLD etc.). It also provides additional architecture features so more logic can be put into every design. ICT’s JEDEC file translator instantly converts to the PEEL18CV8 existing 20-pin PLDs without the need to rework the existing design. Development and programming support for the PEEL18CV8 is provided by popular third-party programmers and development software. ICT also offers free PLACE development software and a low-cost development system (PDS-3).

■ Multiple Speed Power, Temperature Options
   - VCC = 5 Volts ±10%
   - Speeds ranging from 5ns to 25 ns
   - Power as low as 37mA at 25MHz
   - Commercial and industrial versions available
■ CMOS Electrically Erasable Technology
   - Superior factory testing
   - Reprogrammable in plastic package
   - Reduces retrofit and development costs
■ Development / Programmer Support
   - Third party software and programmers
   - ICT PLACE Development Software and PDS-3 programmer
   - PLD-to-PEEL JEDEC file translator

■ Architectural Flexibility
   - Enhanced architecture fits in more logic
   - 74 product terms x 36 input AND array
   - 10 inputs and 8 I/O pins
   - 12 possible macrocell configurations
   - Asynchronous clear
   - Independent output enables
   - 20 Pin DIP/SOIC/TSSOP and PLCC
■ Application Versatility
   - Replaces random logic
   - Super sets PLDs (PAL, GAL, EPLD)
   - Enhanced Architecture fits more logic than ordinary PLDs

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