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PSD35/08 Datasheet

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
PSD35/08 Three Phase Rectifier Bridges IdAVM = 38 A VRRM = 800-1800 V Powersem
Powersem GmbH Powersem
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PSD35/08 image

Three Phase Rectifier Bridges

• Package with screw terminals
• Isolation voltage 3000 V∼
• Planar glasspassivated chips
• Blocking voltage up to 1800 V
• Low forward voltage drop
• UL registered E 148688

• Supplies for DC power equipment
• Input rectifiers for PWM inverter
• Battery DC power supplies
• Field supply for DC motors

• Easy to mount with two screws
• Space and weight savings
• Improved temperature and power cycling capability

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