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RF210B Datasheet

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
RF210B Dual-Band, Image-Reject Downconverters For GSM Applications Conexant
Conexant Systems Conexant
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RF210B image

The RF210A and RF210B devices are available as a dual-band front end for Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) handset applications. Both of these highly integrated, monolithic devices are optimized for dual-band use in GSM900/DCS1800 or GSM 900/PCS1900 applications. The devices include two Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs), two image-reject mixers, and two Local Oscillator (LO) buffer amplifiers.
• LNA/image-reject mixer for RF to IF conversion
• 10 dB (RF210A) or 20 dB (RF210B) switchable
    gain for GSM
• 8 dB (RF210A) or 16 dB (RF210B) switchable gain
    for DCS/PCS
• 30 dB of image rejection. No post-LNA filtering
• High isolation LO input buffer
• Differential IF output
• High dynamic range
• Three-cell battery operation (2.7 to 5 V)
• 20-pin Thin Shrink Small Outline Package
• Dual-band digital cellular mobile telephony
    (GSM900/DCS 1800 or GSM900/PCS1900)

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