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S-1000N34-N4T1G Datasheet

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
S-1000N34-N4T1G Ultra Small Package High Precision Voltage Detector SII
Seiko Instruments Inc SII
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The S-1000 series is a series of high-precision voltage detectors developed using CMOSprocess. The detection voltage is fixed internally with an accuracy of ±1.0%. It operates with low current consumption of 350 nA typ. Two output forms, Nch open-drain and CMOS output, are available. CMOS voltage detector, S-1000 Series is the most suitable for the portable equipments with ultra low current consumption, high precisionand corresponding to the small package.

• Ultra-low current consumption  350 nA typ. (VDD =detection voltage +1.5 V)
• High-precision detection voltage  ±1.0%
• Operating voltage range  0.95 to 5.5 V
• Hysteresis characteristics  5% typ.
• Detection voltage  1.5 to 4.6 V (0.1 V step)
• Output form  Nch open-drain output (Active “L”) CMOS output (Active “L”)
• Lead-free products

• Power monitor for microcomputers and reset for CPUs.
• Power monitor for portable equipments such as cellular phones, digital still cameras and PDAs.
• Constant voltage power monitor for cameras, video equipments and communication devices.

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