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S-1000N38-N4T1G Datasheet

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S-1000N38-N4T1G Ultra Small Package High Precision Voltage Detector SII
Seiko Instruments Inc SII
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The S-1000 series is a series of high-precision voltage detectors developed using CMOSprocess. The detection voltage is fixed internally with an accuracy of ±1.0%. It operates with low current consumption of 350 nA typ. Two output forms, Nch open-drain and CMOS output, are available. CMOS voltage detector, S-1000 Series is the most suitable for the portable equipments with ultra low current consumption, high precisionand corresponding to the small package.

•Ultra-low current consumption  350 nA typ. (VDD =detection voltage +1.5 V)
•High-precision detection voltage  ±1.0%
•Operating voltage range  0.95 to 5.5 V
•Hysteresis characteristics  5% typ.
•Detection voltage  1.5 to 4.6 V (0.1 V step)
•Output form  Nch open-drain output (Active “L”) CMOS output (Active “L”)
•Lead-free products

•Power monitor for microcomputers and reset for CPUs.
•Power monitor for portable equipments such as cellular phones, digital still cameras and PDAs.
•Constant voltage power monitor for cameras, video equipments and communication devices.

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