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SAA7131E Datasheet

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
SAA7131E Global standard low-IF demodulator and PCI audio and video decoder for analog TV NXP
NXP Semiconductors. NXP
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General description
The SAA7131E combines a digital global standard low-IF demodulator for analog TV with a PCI audio and video decoder.

Generic properties
■ Package: LBGA256
■ Power supply: 3.3 V/1.8 V
■ Power consumption of typical application: 1.35 W
■ Meets requirements of PC Design Guides 98/99 and 2001
■ Is compliant with PCI Specification 2.2 and Advanced Configuration
■ PCI-bus Power Management Interface Specification, rev. 1.1, compliant (supported states: D0, D1, D2 and D3-hot)
■ Reference designs available

Digital global standard low-IF demodulator for analog TV
■ Digital IF demodulation for all analog TV standards worldwide (M/N, B/G/H, D/K, I and L/L’ standards)
■ Multistandard true synchronous demodulation with active carrier regeneration
■ Gated IF AGC acting on black level by using H/V PLL
■ Composite Video Blanking Sync (CVBS) gain levelling stage to provide nearly constant signal amplitude
■ Precise AFC/lock detector
■ 16 MHz reference frequency input (from low-IF tuner) or operating as crystal oscillator
■ High selectivity video low-pass filter for all standards
■ Sound performance comparable to or better than QSS single reference concepts
■ Alignment free
■ Nyquist filter in video baseband
■ Switchable IF PLL and IF AGC loop bandwidth
■ Accurate group delay equalization for all standards
■ Mostly digital FIR filter implementation (NSC notches, video low-pass filters)
■ No SAW filter needed
■ Especially suited for the Silicon Tuner TDA18271
■ Low application effort and external component count in combination with the TDA18271
■ Very robust IF demodulator coping with adverse field conditions
■ High pull-in range
■ CVBS and SSIF (Second Sound IF)/audio output with simple post filter (capacitor only)
■ Excellent FM sound
■ Acceptable AM sound
■ High FM deviation mode for China
■ Low video into sound crosstalk
■ Auto or forced mute for sound
■ Auto or forced blank for video
■ One 10-bit IF ADC on-chip
■ Two 10-bit DACs on-chip for CVBS and SSIF/audio
■ Internal PLL synthesizer which permits to use a low-cost crystal (typically 16 MHz)
■ Easy programming for I2C-bus
■ High flexibility through expert mode
■ I2C-bus interface and I2C-bus switch
■ Four I2C-bus addresses selectable through 2 external pins
■ Three general purpose input/output pins
■ Separate Standby mode.
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