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SC8206A4K Datasheet

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Silan Microelectronics Silan
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SC8206 is a high performance electronic fan controller LSI, Speed control, off-timer, nature wind, sleep mode are all built into a single chip. Light control, buzzer output, key control input, as well as remote control decoding circuitry are all provided to build a full function electronic fan with remote control capability having the highest performance with the least external components. Pin assignment and application circuit are optimized for easy PCB layout and cost saving for electronic fan application.
SC8206 adopted DIP-18 or DIP-20 package.

♦ High performance CMOS Technology
♦ Low power consumption
♦ Three operation modes: ordinary, nature and rhythm sleep.
♦ Three speed modes: strong, middle and low
♦ Memory start-up mode
♦ Middle wind start-up
♦ Buzzer indicator function operation.
♦ Two bits consumer code
♦ Built-in 455kHz oscillator circuit

♦ Fan remote controller
♦ Air cleaner
♦ Humidifier
♦ Heater


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