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SCA1000-D01 Datasheet

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Murata Manufacturing Murata
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General description
The SCA1000 accelerometer consists of two silicon bulk micro machined sensing element chips and a signal conditioning ASIC. The chips aremounted on a pre-molded package and wire bonded to appropriate contacts. The sensing elements and ASIC are protected with silicone gel and lid. The sensor has 12 SMD legs (Gull-wing type).

SCA1000 family Accelerometer Features
• Single +5V supply
• Two ratiometric analog outputs in relation to supply voltage (Vdd = 4.75....5.25V)
•Wide load driving capability
• Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) compatible
•Provides digital output for both channels
•Supports testing and programming
• Non-volatile programming features
•Factory programmable filter settings ( 400Hz, 1 kHz, WB, Ext_C )
•Offset and sensitivity calibration
•Linear temperature compensation
• Enhanced failure detection features
•True self test by deflecting the sensing elements’proof mass by electrostatic force. Deflection voltage is adjustable with two memory bits for both channels. The self-test is channel specific, and separately activated for both channels by digital on-off commands via dedicated pins or via SPI bus.
•Continuous sensing element interconnection failurecheck

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