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SIP12506 Datasheet

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
SIP12506 1-MHz Boost Converter with OVP for White LED Applications Vishay
Vishay Semiconductors Vishay
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The SiP12506 is a 1 MHz current-mode boost converter with a feedback voltage of 0.208 V which offers small size and high power conversion efficiency. Its input voltage range is from 2.6 V to 9 V, and output voltage can go up to 20 V. The internal frequency compensation minimizes number of external components. The integrated 28 V power switch can carry up to 1.6 A easily providing for 200 mA load current from a 3.6 V input supply.

• Output Voltage Range up to 20 V
• FB Voltage of 0.208 V
• Cycle-By-Cycle Current Limiting with Internal Frequency Compensation
• 2.6 V to 9 V Input Voltage Range
• 1 MHz Switching Frequency
• > 90 % efficiency
• Low RDS(on): 0.4 Ω (at 3.3 V)
• 1.6 A Switch Current Limit
• < 1 µA Low Shutdown Current
• Internal Soft-Start Control
• Thermal Shutdown Protection (160 °C)
• 6 pin MLP33 Package

• CCD Bias Supplies
• TFT-LCD Displays
• OLED Driver
• White LED Backlight
• Digital Cameras
• Portable Phones and Game Devices
• PDAs and Palm-Top Computers

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