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SKY77552 Datasheet

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SKY77552 Quad-Band Tx / Dual-Band Rx iPAC™ FEM for GSM / GPRS (824–915 MHz and 1710–1910 MHz) Skyworks
Skyworks Solutions Skyworks
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The SKY77552 is a quad-band transmit and dual-band receive front-end module (FEM) with Integrated Power Amplifier Control (iPAC™) for cellular handsets comprising GSM and DCS/PCS operation. The FEM has quad-band capability in applications of U.S. or Euro dual-band platforms. Designed in a low profile, compact form factor, the SKY77552 offers a complete Transmit VCO-to Antenna and Antenna-to-Receive SAW filter solution. The FEM also supports Class 12 General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) multi-slot operation.

• High efficiency
- 43.5% GSM
- 37.5% DCS/PCS
• Low transmit supply current
- 1.31 A GSM
- 0.96 A DCS/PCS
• Internal ICC sense resistor for iPAC
• Closed loop iPAC
• 50 Ωmatched Input/Output
• Tx–VCO-to-antenna and antenna-to-Rx-SAW filter RF interface
• PHEMT RF switches afford high linearity, low insertion loss, and less than 20 μA supply current in receive modes
• Small, low profile package
- 7 x mm 6 mm x 0.9 mm
• Compatible with multiple logic families
• Low VRAMP current: 25 μA

• U.S. or Euro dual-band cellular handsets encompassing
- Class 4 GSM850/900
- DCS1800/PCS1900
- Class 12 GPRS multi-slot operation

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