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U6268B Datasheet

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
U6268B Side-Airbag Sensor Dual Interface Temic
Temic Semiconductors Temic
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The U6268B is an interface IC for remote automotive sensors. It links the crash sensors in the driver- and passenger door with the main airbag unit in the dashboard. Two identical channels supply the external sensors and receive digital information from them via one active wire each. The interface supplies the external sensors with a pre-regulated smoothed voltage, the external units transmit the digital information back to the interface by current modulation.

● Two identical interface channels
● Provides a pre-regulated smoothed voltage and a supply current up to 50 mA for the sensors
● Receives data from the sensors by current modulation with a transmission rate of 60 kBaud (transmission bandwidth 500 kHz)
● Current modulation provides high noise immunity for data transfer
● TTL-compatible input activate the sensor
● Data output can be directly connected to a microcontroller input
● Operation supply voltage range 5.7 V  VS  40 V
● ESD protection according to MIL-STD-883C test method 3015.7
● High-level EMI protection

● Voltage supply and data transmission with one active wire over long distances


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