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W39V040B Datasheet

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Winbond Winbond
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The W39V040B is a 4-megabit, 3.3-volt only CMOS flash memory organized as 512K ×8 bits. For flexible erase capability, the 4Mbits of data are divided into 8 uniform sectors of 64 Kbytes. The device can be programmed and erased in-system with a standard 3.3V power supply. A 12-volt VPP is required for accelerated program. The unique cell architecture of the W39V040B results in fast program/erase operations with extremely low current consumption. This device can operate at two modes, Programmer bus interface mode, Low pin count (LPC) bus interface mode. As in the Programmer interface mode, it acts like the traditional flash but with a multiplexed address inputs. But in the LPC interface mode, this device complies with the Intel LPC specification. The device can also be programmed and erased using standard EPROM programmers.


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