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X9241 Datasheet

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
X9241 Quad E2POT™ Nonvolatile Digital Potentiometer Xicor
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The X9241 integrates four nonvolatile E2POT digitally controlled potentiometers on a monolithic CMOS microcircuit.
The X9241 contains four resistor arrays, each composed of 63 resistive elements. Between each element
and at either end are tap points accessible to the wiper elements. The position of the wiper element on the array is controlled by the user through the two-wire serial bus interface.

•Four E2POTs in One Package
•Two-Wire Serial Interface
•Register Oriented Format
—Directly Write Wiper Position
—Read Wiper Position
—Store as Many as Four Positions per Pot
•Instruction Format
—Quick Transfer of Register Contents to Resistor Array
—Cascade Resistor Arrays
•Low Power CMOS
•Direct Write Cell
—Endurance - 100,000 Data Changes per Register
—Register Data Retention - 100 years
•16 Bytes of E2PROM memory
•3 Resistor Array Values
—2KΩto 50KΩMask Programmable
—Cascadable For Values of 500Ωto 200KΩ
•Resolution: 64 Taps each Pot
•20-Lead Plastic DIP, 20-Lead TSSOP and 20-Lead SOIC Packages

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