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Part Name(s) : LH00.1 LH00.1C LH00.1CK LH00.1K LH00.1 LH00.1C LH00.1CG LH00.1CJ LH00.1E LH00.1G National-Semiconductor
National ->Texas Instruments
Description : Amp power operational Amplifier View

LH00.1/LH00.1C 1.0 Amp power operational Amplifier

LH00.1/LH00.1C 0.2 Amp power operational Amplifier

General Description

The LH00.1/LH00.1C and LH00.1/LH00.1C are general purpose operational Amplifiers capable of delivering large output currents not usually associated with conventional IC Op Amps. The LH00.1 will provide output currents in excess of one Ampere at voltage levels ofg12V; the LH00.1 delivers currents of 200 mA at voltage levels closely approaching the available power supplies. In addition, both the inputs and outputs are protected against overload. the devices are compensated with a single external capacitor and are free of any unusual oscillation or latch-up problems.


Output current

        LH00.1                 1.0 Amp

       LH00.1               0.2 Amp

Output voltage swing

LH00.1                ±12V into 10X

LH00.1                ±14V into 100X

Wide full power bandwidth                15 kHz

Low standby power                100 mW at ±15V

Low input offset

voltage and current                1 mV and 20 nA

High slew rate               3.0V/ms

High open loop gain               100 dB

Part Name(s) : 42143 Micropac
Micropac Industries
Description : RADIATION TOLERANT power operational AmpLIFIER View

The 42143 power operational Amplifier designed for military and space applications where radiation tolerance is required. Utilizing multi-chip hybrid construction, the 42143 power operational Amplifier combines 2A load current capability with the convenience of a monolithic operational Amplifier. Output current limiting is provided using external resistors. The 42143 power operational Amplifier is supplied in an 8-pin metal flat package.

• Designed for 100 krad(Si) Total Dose
• Hermetically Sealed in Metal Flat Package
• Performance over –55°C to +125°C
• Wide Supply Voltage Range
• 2A Output Current
• Short Circuit Protection

• Satellite/Space systems
• Military/High Reliability Systems
• Programmable power Supplies
• Solenoid Driver
• Servo Motor Amplifier
• Synchro power Amplifier

Part Name(s) : KA334D KA334 KA334_Q Fairchild
Fairchild Semiconductor
Description : Dual power operational Amplifier View

The KA334 is a high-power dual operational Amplifier provided as a 8-DIP and 16-SOP package. The operational Amplifier is designed for low impedance loads and will deliver output current upto 0.7A. The KA334 can be used in a wide range of applications including power supply, VCR, monitor, servo Amplifier, compact disc, etc

• Output Current upto 0.7A
• Operates at Low Voltage (VS(MIN)=4V)
• Low Saturation Voltage (Ip=0.5A, VO=1.5V)
• Thermal Shutdown (TSD=160°C)
• Ground Compatible Inputs
• Large Common mode &Amp; Differential mode Range

• Servo Amplifier
power Supply
• Compact Disc
• Monitor

Part Name(s) : NJM3404 NJM3404A NJM3404AD NJM3404AL NJM3404AM NJM3404AV JRC
Japan Radio Corporation
Description : Single-supply dual operational Amplifier View

The NJM3404A is high performance single supply dual operational Amplifier.The NJM3404A is a half type of the NJM3403A,quad operational Amplifier.  

The NJM3404A is improved version of the NJM2904 on slew rate &Amp; cross-over distortion.

Part Name(s) : PA30 Apex
Apex Microtechnology
Description : power operational AmpLIFIER View

power operational AmpLIFIER

Part Name(s) : KITHSEVAL/STDL TS613 TS613D TS613ID TSH330 TSH340 TSH80 TSH81 TSH82 ST-Microelectronics
Description : High-speed operational Amplifier evaluation board kit View

The KITHSEVAL/STDL high-speed operational Amplifier evaluation board kit is comprised of:

■ 5 unmounted evaluation boards,

■ a CDROM of documentation, including:

  – a user manual for the boards,

  – datasheets for the supported high-speed operational Amplifiers.


Each evaluation board allows the user to evaluate one operational Amplifier at a time. Each  evaluation board is generic for a given package and number of channels:

■ The SOT23_SINGLE_HF board supports a single-channel high-speed operational Amplifier in the SOT23-5L package.

■ The SO8_SINGLE_HF board supports a single channel high-speed operational Amplifier in SO8 package.

■ The SO8_DUAL_HF board supports a dual high-speed operational Amplifier in the SO8 package.

■ The S08_S_MULTI board supports a high speed operational Amplifier in the SO8 package for both inverting and non-inverting configurations, dual or single supplies.

■ The SO14_TRIPLE board supports a triple high-speed op-Amp in the SO14 package with video application considerations.

Each of these evaluation boards is unmounted PCB, and must be mounted with the necessary external components. The choice of these external components depend upon which operational Amplifier is being evaluated, as well as the desired evaluation conditions (desired gain, etc.). A layout exAmple is shown for each demoboard in the user manual on the kit’s CDROM.


Part Name(s) : LC7972VA LC7972VB SANYO
SANYO -> Panasonic
Description : CMOS operational Amplifier with Programmable Offset Correction Function View

The LC7972VA and LC7972VB are dual inverting/noninverting operational Amplifier ICs that are fabricated in a CMOS process. These ICs provide a programmable offset correction function and a power saving function for use when the operational Amplifier is unused, both of which can be controlled from a microprocessor interface.

• High input impedance provided by fabrication in a
   CMOS process.
• Low power provided by fabrication in a CMOS process.
• One of two types of operational Amplifier can be
   selected: inverting (operational Amplifier 1) or
   noninverting (operational Amplifier 2)
• Operating supply voltage: 4.9 to 5.2 V
• Package: SSOP20
• Operating temperature: Ta = –30 to +70°C
• The following modes are supported. These are selected
   via port level settings.

Part Name(s) : KA9256 Samsung
Description : DUAL power operational AmpLIFIER View

DUAL power operational AmpLIFIER

Part Name(s) : TA8464 TA8464K Toshiba
Description : DUAL power operational AmpLIFIER View

DUAL power operational AmpLIFIER

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